Outgrowing Her Shoes…

The Winter Bites My Bones

Photo Credit: Jopet Arce's photo of a pair of shoes Photo Credit: Jopet Arce’s photo of a pair of shoes

She spent half of her life
wearing the same pair of shoes.

When she first saw them, they were dazzling…
full of promise (and promises!)
Tightly laced and polished,
glistening like diamonds upon her feet.

          They were immediately comfortable, and comforting.

At first, she walked through dark night forests
and midnight-winding streets; breaking them in,
smiling at the melody of new leather creaking
in harmony with the violin-sawing of cricket wings,
with the ruffling of the night owls feathers.

          She dared to share her dreams, and danced in her new shoes
          with abandon and trust and hope.

The shoes spoke to her or wondrous things to come…
making promises shoes should not make
but new love demands –

          of forever cradling her…

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