This Is How I Start My Days

This is how I start my days.

At four a.m., I awaken with a start. It isn’t that I wasn’t sleeping well, but this is my witching hour. I reach over and pull the covers up over my wife and take a moment to gaze in absolute awe at this beauty, this incredible effervescent woman sharing my bed.

I quietly swing my feet to the floor and sit for a moment. My muse is impatiently pulling me into awakening, but I do my best to resist. I want to sleep just a little bit more, but my eyes have already made out the flashing light on my hibernating computer and just like that, I want to be writing more than I want to be dreaming.

I quietly close the bedroom door behind me and make my way into the kitchen. I put water in the kettle, light the stove, and grab my pack of cigarettes. I head out the door into the blackness of the night, sit upon the second stoop, and light up. The ritual never changes. And there, beneath the canopy of constellations, I look for my special star. I don’t know what it is called, and I don’t know why it is that star…but I need to start each day in silent commune before it. Once I find it, I stare at it for a few minutes, emptying my mind of creeping thoughts. I slowly close my eyes, inhale another drag, and listen.

Like little mice on padded feet, the words start scampering around my brain. The writing has begun.

I toss the cigarette into the night, watching a spiral of red sparks ascend, then descend, as if to punctuate the purpose of this ritual. From the kitchen, the kettle begins to sing, and I rush in before it hits full crescendo and awakens my wife. I pour the steaming water over a cone of coffee grains and inhale the rising steam. In a seamless arch, I take my cup of coffee to the kitchen table, flip open the lid to my computer, and hit the resume button.

And then I write. And write and write and write. At this point, what I write is irrelevant. That I write is the point. The wee hours of the morning are not the time to self-critique or to spin a plot. It is the time for the bleeding of words.

This is how I start my days.

21 thoughts on “This Is How I Start My Days

  1. 4 A M!
    This is not even on my clock.
    Owl not a lark and this is an amazing hour. I’ve stayed up later than this.
    And even though I’m reading this in the evening, I feel tired just reading this – in fact, I think I just fell aslee…….

    • Thank you for visiting my page. It is a serene ritual, but no matter what time of day it is, I highly encourage setting aside time that is just “you time” for writing. I look forward to reading your posts.

      • I agree…
        If you have spare time please check out my blog. thanks.. I’m currently writing chapter 1 of my story and it be alter date till I can post it, but I would appreciate it if you visit my humble site and spare a couple of minutes reading my poems.

  2. I love the morning time. especially before sunrise.. Its just because that time is the only time when I can comfortably sit with myself and can lend an ear to the whisperings of my inner self and those whisperings always lead me to new avenues of myself or the people and things around me.. is a good time for a great start, when some real words love to pay visit to your mind.

  3. What a brilliant post. I loved your description of the writing time -” It is the time for the bleeding of words”. I also have a cigarette and seek out my ‘star’ (in the night rather than early morning though) before I start my “bleeding of the words” time.

  4. I’m totally confused about your blogs. I was following and then nothing, and then I see that you’ve been writing more. Frustrating. Hope you’re doing well. Do you have more than one blog?

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