Depresson Revealed

Depression isn’t just about being sad or feeling down. It’s much more hideous than that: it’s a loss of one’s sense of self; a loss of connectedness to the world you live in. It’s a physical barrier that keeps you away from the people you love, just when you need them the most. It’s losing the ability to speak and express yourself and it’s a constant white noise that prevents you from hearing others. It’s a slow descent into nothingness without any stop. It’s hell.
Restless, and without direction, depression throws you about like a rag doll. Sleep escapes you and no matter how tired you get, there is no respite. It’s not about suicide; it’s about not caring whether you live another day or not. One is active, the other passive, and the later eats at you around the clock. Others try to intervene, but there is a strong intolerance for others trying to fix you because it makes them feel uncomfortable. Their efforts are a constant reminder about how hopelessly trapped you are within this dark veil. Feelings of love mutate to an inability to feel at all. It isn’t that you don’t love. It’s just that you no longer have the capacity to express love.
It’s dark, isolating, and well, depressing. Locked in chains, there is no ready key. Once imprisoned, there is no freedom to be found. Intervention is an aggravation, not a help. It feeds upon itself and becomes a viscous descending cycle of despair. The only cure is time.